We are a progressive building consulting firm providing client-centric services that facilitate efficiency in the design, construction and operation of safe and accessible buildings and other built-form assets.

Gundog Building Consulting

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The Gundog ethos

The gundog works tirelessly to assist the hunter find and retrieve game. Both a companion and a colleague – the gundog is highly skilled, versatile and always willing to get the job done. A trusted partner, the gundog does not seek out recognition – but is often key to a successful hunt

Inspired by our working dog namesake, Gundog Building Consulting are guided by the following values that support successful project outcomes with as little fuss as possible:


We are highly skilled, experienced and committed to ongoing professional development. In short, we’re committed to doing our job bloody well – so when project success is non-negotiable, we’re ready to help.


We value simplicity; we remove complexity through the provision of clear, accurate and actionable advice.


We work tirelessly to provide a safe and accessible built environment for all. But we strongly believe this is best achieved while having fun with a team of like-minded clients and partners.